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Issue with Info Load from Database


   I need to extract images from a table in DB2 DataWarehouse.

The table Att contains following fields:

Id- image iD

Image type- Type of image like(image/jpeg,image/gif etc)

image- BLOB images

When I do a script like:

info select id, image

from db.att;

When i do =info(ID) in a text box all i see is Hexadecimal characters like FFA0000GH.......

I am not sure what Is wrong. When i see a preview in blob viewer also I dont see the image. The same images are being read by a JAVA app where the image is concatenated with image type ti identify it as a GIF or JPEG image. Does this have anything to do with the error? I think that Qlikview Doesn't identify the BLOb as an image without the proper image type. Is there any solution for this?

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Re: Issue with Info Load from Database

i am having the sae problem.. how did u resolve it??

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Re: Issue with Info Load from Database


have you set text box Representation option to Image?



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Re: Issue with Info Load from Database

yes i have set it to image.

What actualy it is doing is that it is loading that HEX code(00AHCDF.....) as string hence unable to show as image.

However my SQL database is storing the value as IMG datatype.

Do you have any idea how to load the value as HEX not string??

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