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Issue with RowNo() - QlikSense

Dear Experts,

Trying to use a radar chart - extension in Qliksense with the below components.

I have 2 dimension KPI,Country and one measure ( Sum ({<Filter to select common KPIs among the 2 selected countries>}Values)) in a radar extension object.

Requirement is to show the sequential numbers for the KPI_NAMES instead of the name.

When i used Rowno()  / RowNo(TOTAL), it gives me some numbers - but not sequential because of the filters at the expression I believe.

Tried using AGGR(RowNo(),KPI_NAME) - because I need to have the the sequential rownos as the dimension - but the expression has to evaluate for KPI_NAMe.

Kindly help - i have been sitting on this for hours together.


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Re: Issue with RowNo() - QlikSense

What was the issue when you used this?


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Re: Issue with RowNo() - QlikSense

Hi Sunny,

The issue with the above expression is that the row numbers will be sequential , however the common row numbers are shown and not the sequential ones.

Like , we have KPI1,KPI2,KPI3 and the common ones between the selections are KPI 2 and KPI 3 -  the function returns 2 and 3.

I need them to be 1 and 2.

Was able to get the solution with Rank.

aggr(rank(only({<KPI_NAME={$(=Concat(IF( Aggr(Count(DISTINCT COUNTRY_NAME),KPI_NAME) =2,chr(39)&KPI_NAME&chr(39)),','))}>} -KPI_PRIORITY),0,1), KPI_PRIORITY)

Thanks for the reply Sunny,