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Iterate data load web links


I'm trying to migrate from Qlikview to Qliksense an App.

My load script is as follows, iterating an excel to extract some GoogleDrive links:

[Links Pipeline]:

LOAD Practica,

     [Link Google Docs]

FROM [lib://DATA/Links Pipeline.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is NEW);

FOR i=0 to NoOfRows('Links Pipeline')-1

    LET link = peek('Link Google Docs', $(i), 'Links Pipeline');

    LET practica = peek('Practica', $(i), 'Links Pipeline');


    LOAD Date(Date#(Concepto,'MMM-YY'))        as fecha,

         [T/C EUR-USD]                        as [EUR-USD]

    FROM [lib://$(link)]

    (html, utf8, embedded labels, table is @1)

Then, in QLikSense i'm gettin an error, cause the lib structure of the FROM sentence, but i cant create the new connection neede in Sense, cause i dont even know the links.

How it can be solved?


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Re: Iterate data load web links


one solution

is to chsnge the qlik sense settings to legacy mode

and then you can run your original script as in qlikview without lib's

you change the settings by going to the

C:\Users\YOUR USER\Documents\Qlik\Sense\settings.ini

you open the file for edit

and you change the standard reload from 1 to 0

your line should look like this


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