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Join on rounded value not working


I have a problem of which i think it is a bug.

Our database has values like this: 56,99999999994 or 23,99999999997

Now i need to join data based upon the rounded value (57 or 24) of this field.

This does not work for two cases:

if the number is xx0,9999999999 -> rounded to xx1

or if the number is xx5,9999999999 -> rounded to xx6

For this the join does not match and therefore joined fields are empty.

for all other rounded values the join does match. is this a bug or am i overlooking something??

your help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Join on rounded value not working

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Re: Join on rounded value not working

Can you upload a small example of your app?

Re: Join on rounded value not working


Re: Join on rounded value not working

Ok thanks!

I guess i understand the rounding 'error' that occurs.

I fixed my problem by changing the rounded value into a text value only for the join statement.

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