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Joining tables make it wrong

Hello everyone,

I got this data model.

The two tables below are calculated with group by , etc...(data inside these tables are correct)

The two tables on top are the very same one, with less and  renamed fields.(resident, data inside these tables are still correct.)

As you can see, ain't no relations between these 2 groups of tables.

I'd like to join the tables on top to make it one, but then datas are (very)wrong.

I tried all the join possibilities (left, right, concatenate, join, oute,r etc...), but still.

How can it be?

Thanks for your help

Wish you the best,


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Joining tables make it wrong

Can you provide more detail than "very wrong"?  Why is it wrong?  Send an example.

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Re: Joining tables make it wrong

Here it is sir.

there're 2 pics (right , wrong) .Pay attention to the red squares.

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