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Joining two excel files on condition

Hi guys,
I am new to this community.

I am having trouble trying to join two tables in qliksense.

I am loading two tables from two excel files. I'd like to make a LEFT JOIN , using CONTAINS as condition. for example  something like:

SELECT orderId, price

from Table1


(Select product, description

from Table2) ON  CONTAINS(Table2.description,Table1.orderID)

In other words I'd like to join only if  the string "description" in Table2 contains the orderid of Table1..
Any idea?
Thank you!

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Re: Joining two excel files on condition

What if you used SELECT statement directly with in the script?? Is that code throwing any error?

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Re: Joining two excel files on condition

If you look at your data for table 2, does the orderID appear as the first x number of characters in the description?

Can you mock up some data for example