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Keeping leading zero when exporting to Excel using Macro

Hello QlikView Community,

I have a macro that creates an Excel file with  multiple tabs and with it different data sets in each tab.  For each tab, there is a column (column L titled AuthId) that has an 9-digit ID number (includes leading zero).  In my data, this leading zero is definitely recognized by QlikView (I see the leading zero when I view that field--see picture below).  However, this leading zero is dropped when the macro exports the data to the Excel file.

What can I add to my macro script to keep or even add a leading zero to this field?

What it should look like:

This is my macro script for this file:

sub exportToExcel_Variant6

'// Array for export definitions
Dim aryExport(2,3)

aryExport(0,0) = "objPended"
aryExport(0,1) = "Pending"
aryExport(0,2) = "A1"
aryExport(0,3) = "data"

aryExport(1,0) = "objApproved"
aryExport(1,1) = "Approved"
aryExport(1,2) = "A1"
aryExport(1,3) = "data"

Dim objExcelWorkbook 'as Excel.Workbook
Set objExcelWorkbook = copyObjectsToExcelSheet(ActiveDocument, aryExport)

end sub

Thank you in advance for any help.  Please let me know what other information I can provide to help resolve this.

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