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Key Concatenation best use

Hi all,

I'm looking for your advice in the aim the get a optimized script.

sometimes, i've to do a concatenation of different keys, it can takes 9 keys by the way.

in this way, what function you advice me to use Autonumber() ? autohash128() ? autohash256() ?

and what about concat()


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Re: Key Concatenation best use

Hello Nassim,

Could you see this post which talk about Autonumber and AutonumberHash :


You can use Concat() in order to get all the possible values in a field. For example, you can have a field TEST which contains this values :

- A

- B

- C

- D

If you do this :

concat(TEST, ';')

The result will be :


You can read the Help (F1) in order to have more explanations.

Amand Dupretz

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