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Key dublicate

Hi community,

I have a question about dublicate rows.

As you can see the customer numbers are different but CustomerKey is same.

I load the data with using text() functions but I dont know where did I do wrong?

Thanks for help.

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

Ekran Alıntısı1.PNG

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Re: Key dublicate

Hi Buse, try enclosing all the Key in a Text() function:

Text(CLIENT.... TEXT(CUSTOMER)) as Custom...

or just:

Text(CLIENT.... , CUSTOMER) as Custom...

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Re: Key dublicate

I forgot to say that i tried Text(CLIENT.... , CUSTOMER) as Custom.. formula, it didnt work.

Re: Key dublicate

What do you see when you just do Text(CUSTOMER) AS TextCustomer

do you see 00011 or 00000011?

Re: Key dublicate

please post some sample data and your relevant script part including the Customer field load to test with.