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LOAD a row multiple times based on a value

Hi everyone,

I have some data that has been grouped that I want to disaggregate on load.

The data has many fields like Location,Start Year, Age Grouping, Gender. There is one field called Active Customers, most rows have the value 1; ie there are 1 x customer in that Location with that start year, age grouping, gender etc.

However there are some rows with Active Customer set from 2 all the way up to 17.

Can I create something load script to load the rows where active customer is >1 multiple times and created a unique row id at the same time?

Any thoughts much appreciated.



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Re: LOAD a row multiple times based on a value


you could use a While clause together with the IterNo() function like this:

LOAD RowNo() as ID,


          [Start Year],

          [Age Grouping],


From YourSource

While IterNo() <= [Active Customer];

see also: IterNo

hope this helps