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LOOP - what governs whether or not a table is appended?


I have a strange phenomenon:

- I have a LOOP construct in one of my apps where I want to extract (RESIDENT) monthly values from a table for all the "completed"
    months (in this instance Jan and Feb).

=> My problem is this: I have tried this both ways

     - DO ... LOOP

     - FOR .... NEXT

Whichever way I do it, in this LOOP, the table I create gets overwritten:

=> The table gets created with 1 record

=> The variable gets increased like it should (I can see in the log that there are 2 iterations and the variable is increased
      and a filter (for >> num(month([date])) = $(i) <<) is updated accordingly

<=> Still, I end up with a table that has only 1 record (should be 2) and the month (that is what the counter i actually means) is 'Jan'.

<=> I have a similar LOOP (FOR ... NEXT) in another app (from 1 to 12) where this works: Upon every iteration, 1 record is appended
        to the table and I end up with a table that has 12 records.

Does anybody have an idea what can be the cause for this working or not working?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: LOOP - what governs whether or not a table is appended?


I have finally got my brain around this.

There was definitely something quirky about this, but

=> basically, the issue was that in one of the two months in question, there were no records matching all of my WHERE_clauses - so nothing was loaded in that iteration of the loop.

=> I fixed this now by building a "failsafe" - a dummy_record to be loaded when that happens so that I'll have something to work on.

Consider this done.

Best regards,


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