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I have a master_calendar to be used in every app in a qvs file in a central place.

That calendar uses the month() function to generate the month.

The problem is, some of our apps have german_format month_names in that SET command on the "main" tab of the script, some have english_format month_names - which should be the standard.

Currently, I have one app where that SET command on the "main" tab is for english formatting. There is no specific SET command in the qvs file for the calendar.

<=> Still, the generated calendar has german_formatting month_names, so of course it doesn't match the output of the month() function.

=> Can I fix this? Why does it happen at all?

Can I maybe have a SET command in the qvs file to set the month_names to english formatting and set it back to whatever it was after the calendar_code?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Language_formatting-problem


well, now I know exactly why this doesn't work: In the underlying "DataModel" - which is an exact copy of our primary DataModel - the month_names are set to german formatting in that SET command.

=> I have included hints that whenever anything in the primary DataModel is changed, it has to be copied anew

<=> That way I fear that just replacing that SET command would not help me for long, the next time the primary DataModel is copied over, it would be reset.

=> Putting a particular SET command in the qvs file and resetting it afterwards would be a good solution.

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Re: Language_formatting-problem


I have now found a way: I simply DROP the calendar_table from the DataModel - where I am not sure about the month_formatting - and then LOAD it once more, so I know for sure that it will be using the month_formatting I have specified in that particular app.

Still, doing that right there in the qvs file would be the more elegant way.

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