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Larger Resultset from View


I created a view that has a record count of 3 mio rows.

When loading it to qlik sense it fetches about 11 mio rows.

The used code is quite simple - it's just a SELECT id, date FROM my_view;

I really do not understand this - why does it happen?

any ideas, suggestions?

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Re: Larger Resultset from View


SELECT * from owner.table

should return the same rows in every tool (sense, sqlplus, sql developer, etc....)

Check you're using the same database and the same oracle user

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Re: Larger Resultset from View

Are you doing any joins in Qlik Sense?

Re: Larger Resultset from View

Can you share the script over here

Life is so rich, and we need to respect to the life !!!
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Re: Larger Resultset from View



  [Start Date],






  "Start Date",



FROM "db_mydb"."myview";

Only this table is loaded - the other parts are commented out...

The view contains the logic, I only want to display the results.

Later I will use the ID to join this table with the others.

But the count(*) is wrong, Qlik sense loads far too many rows.

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Re: Larger Resultset from View

Interesting phenomenon!

Within the data preview I can now see "Start Dates" from "06.10.1954". Very strange.

I restricted the view to load only data from the current year.

This doesn't make any sense to me right now... What's going on ?

Re: Larger Resultset from View

How does Start Date look in your database? Can you post some screenshots?

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Re: Larger Resultset from View


START_DATE is of  data type <DATE>

The view has to be restricted, so I used this attribute within the WHERE-Clause.

No errors when executing in SQL-Developer. Very simple example...but in QS

i get this error.

How  and at which place can you restrict the to be loaded data ?

...and which Syntax ? is there a special syntax necessary ?

Does Qlik Sense interpret the view in a different way ?

Please help

Connector reply error: ***

Error: ?

Re: Larger Resultset from View

Where did you used the where clause? Select or Load?

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Re: Larger Resultset from View

I used the WHERE-clause when defining my view...

Re: Larger Resultset from View

Oh the view already has the where clause... then you just did a direct select * from view? should not have error-ed out... not sure what might have caused it... Can you post the screenshot of the error message?

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