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Limit Number of Rows


I have a chart which includes only dimensions.

It has 25 dimensions and 60K rows.

It is very heavy and takes 30 sec to load.

We want to limit it for 500 rows only for the load to layout with possibility to extract ALL the data (60K rows) to excel file.

How do I do it?



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Re: Limit Number of Rows

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Re: Limit Number of Rows

Hi Chanty,

I need some solution like in the second exampleSmiley SadLimit # of Rows in chart(Pivot Table), but honestly did not understand what I have to do.

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Re: Limit Number of Rows

Anybody can help me?

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Re: Limit Number of Rows

Can you share a sample to look at your issue?

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Re: Limit Number of Rows

Add the calculation condition on the chart Object and force to users to select the selections until chart get 500 rows only.

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Re: Limit Number of Rows

The solution below counts "rows" based on the table which contains the dimension used in count(). You may need to adjust which field you use in count() depending on your data model.

A. Limit rows in pivot table:

One way is below:

  • In General tab set the Calculation Condition. ex: count(dim1) <= 5
  • Where dim1 is a dimension used in the pivot table
  • Also in the General tab, click the "Error Messages..." button and find "Calculation condition unfulfilled" in the list of Standard Messages
  • Add your Custom Message: Too many rows dude...
  • The message "Too many rows dude..." will now display until selected values result in count(dim1) being <= 5

B. To export all rows

One way is dynamically set the number used in the calculation condition. You can do this with an input box. Instead of hard coding a number in the calculation condition you can base the rows on the variable tied to the input box. To export all/more data the user can change the max # of rows by setting the value in the input box. You can also use a predetermined list of values or an additional condition in your calculation condition to control the max #.