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Link between 2 tables


Ok, so I have to deploy QW to a company that has its information spread on different data sources. I have to concatenate data from 44 servers using Visual FOX with already consolidated data from another server using SQL.

My problem comes where I need to put the info from Visual FOX together with the data from SQL. I have 2 big tables that have most of the data ( Table1 for FOX, Table 2 from SQL) and about 14 other tables linked to the 2.

When asking the IT dept, they told me to link the smalled tables to the big ones using a composite key like SRCONTRACT & NRCONTRACT. On the other hand, the fields I use for the composite key are the only common fields between the tables that hold most of the data. If I link the big tables with this same composite key I get a huge loop.

In order to avoid the loop, but still be able to get from a table to another, what would be the best way to link the two? I thought about reversing the order of the fields that I use for the composite key ( NRCONTRACT & SRCONTRACT) to create a secondary composite key and use that one to link Table1 to Table2. Would that make the connections ok or would it just double some of my entries?

I tried to be as clear as possible with this and I would appreciate your imputs and oppinions.

Thank you in advance,


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