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Load Data from multiple files and different folders

Hi there, I`m new in QlikView;

Does anyone know how can I load data from a paradox database splitted in many files into different folders.

All the transactions files are splitted in months. Each month is represented by one folder. For example for one fiscal year i have

12 subfolders and 12 invoice files in each subfolder. With the below script I can load transactions from multiple files but i must define in "set folderscope"

statement the path for each subfolder. In all the cases the number of subfolders cannot be defined and I can`t use the script in current form.

Also i need to read the name of the subfolder. I cannot use the filedir() function inside the SQL statement. Any ideas?


directory 'D:\DATA\company\';

set FolderScope = 'D:\DATA\Company\2011_05','D:\DATA\Company\2011_06';

FOR each FilePath in $(FolderScope) 

             LOAD *;

        SQL SELECT *

        FROM $(FilePath)\invoices.db;

                      NEXT FilePath;

thks in advance

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Load Data from multiple files and different folders


try using a loop with the DirList function:

for each Dir in dirlist ('c:')

     'do something here

next Dir

(found this in the help, using the 'For each..next' keyword)

Hope this helps you



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Re: Load Data from multiple files and different folders

Thx Fernando for the hint

It is working like this:

FOR each Dir in dirlist ('D:\path\*')

              LOAD *;

                    SQL select


                                        FROM $(Dir)\table.db;

          NEXT Dir

I still have problemes with reading the name of the subfolder...

I tried to use in the load statement filedir() function but it shows me nothing

Any ideas for this issue?

Best Regards,


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