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Load Groups Along with Number Formats?

Is there any way to load groups from a remote file, like we can with number formats?  I'm a little surprised this isn't inherent behavior for BINARY load.

I have raw data flowing nicely into QVDs, and then a set of intermediate QVWs which load data from these QVDs.  These hold number formats, and would hold sort order if that worked.  Finally, my actual reports use BINARY to load from these intermediate QVWs, and thusly pick up some metadata.  However, I still have to create groups anew in each report.  And that's damn tedious when you have a dozen groups, or groups with complex expressions.

A workaround would be to create a third set of QVWs, which would have BINARY in the edit script, pointed to the relevant intermediate QVW.  I'd create groups there, and then have users copy a file from this library of templates to use as a base when making a new report.  This feels clumsy; do we really have to have three layers between the database and the reports just to make this work?  QlikView would be a proper BI platform if only it had a tool to efficiently manage metadata.

Per this thread, BINARY just loads data; but it definitely does load number formats and sort order, too.

Reading up on the Meta Scanner tool, it looks like their idea of metadata is quite different from mine.  That tool records info on document load times, which is nice for ETL administration, but I have not seen any information about individual fields, beyond the count of unique values.

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