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Load Script Query

Lets say I have a cross table with my customers and their monthly targets :

CustomerJan-14Feb-14Mar-14Apr-14May-14Jun-14 Jul-14Aug-14Sep-14Oct-14Nov-14Dec-14
Customer 1100120100120120100120120100120100120
Customer 2250250250250250250250250250250250250
Customer 3250350250350250350400350300250250250

Then I have my customers and their sales :

Customer 101/01/20141.1.2Flag150Cloth
Customer 101/02/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood
Customer 201/02/20141.1.2Flag3150Cloth
Customer 202/03/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood
Customer 304/06/20141.1.2Flag3150Cloth
Customer 104/06/20141.1.3Pole150Wood
Customer 204/06/20141.1.2Flag2100Cloth
Customer 312/09/20141.1.3Pole3150Wood
Customer 312/09/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood
Customer 101/01/20141.1.2Flag150Cloth
Customer 101/03/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood
Customer 201/02/20141.1.2Flag3150Cloth
Customer 202/04/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood
Customer 304/01/20141.1.2Flag3150Cloth
Customer 104/01/20141.1.3Pole150Wood
Customer 204/03/20141.1.2Flag2100Cloth
Customer 312/05/20141.1.3Pole3150Wood
Customer 312/06/20141.1.3Pole2100Wood

I need to link both the Month-Year field and the customer field together, resulting in synthetic keys, is there a way I can get around this as with a bit data set its causing loops.

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Re: Load Script Query


you will have to use both field (Customer & Month-Year) as key. You will also have to get these 2 tabels at the same level. One way is to make a datefield of Month-Year, like 01/01/2014. Or you can aggregate the sales data on Month-Year level.