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Load XML information by http protocol

Hi people,I 'm new in this forum and I have few experience with the  qlikview tool.

I have question about load information:

I need to connect a my ERP System  by http protocol. I have done to connect succesfully  and  the system retunned this xml (view below). Then, I need captured the fields and values that this are inside of the "tag".


I have tried System's ETL  but I don't find a solution, can you help me ??

Thanks a lot for advance  and I'm sorry for my english... :-)

from Barcelona,


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Load XML information by http protocol

You can process the returned XML with load from FIELD.


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Load XML information by http protocol

Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot, but my problem is this from returned XML:


<content name="P_LIFNR" ...>XXXvalueXXX</content>


With load from FIELD, this operation capture this data: field = name , value ='P_LIFNR

By example:


and I need this situation --> field = P_LIFNR and value XXXvalueXXX

How I can do with the load?


Load XML information by http protocol

Take a look at using the TextBetween() function and possible the subfield() function to parse the data out the way you want.


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