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Load and Unpivot a Spreadsheet Help

I am trying to load a spreadsheet in the form

Atr1     Atr2     Atr3     Date1     Date2     Date3 where the dates change each month. 

A         B         C         50             50        50

Ideally I want to make this a rowset that looks like

A B C Date1 50

A B C Date2 50

A B C Date3 50

While having the load script identify the date coloumns dynamically and making them an attribute.

I know I can do multiple load scripts but do not know how to reference the column header dynamically. 

The example attached has the source form and the desired resulting form.

Any help is appreciated..


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Re: Load and Unpivot a Spreadsheet Help




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Hope it helps

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Re: Load and Unpivot a Spreadsheet Help

I think that is the idea but I don’t always know the date column names. And will this work for a spreadsheet load of 3000 rows?


Re: Load and Unpivot a Spreadsheet Help


This will work.. Can u test n give your feedback?

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