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Load only one part of the script

Hey guys ,


I dont know how to execute only one part of the script. I have one part that load and modifiy tables and créate new ones, everything there Works fine. But then, i need to export them as csv (I already have a button that does that), what I need is to keep their date&time that the last csv file was exported. I'm using FileTime(C:Document....) to get the last time the csv was created. However, I need to run that part of the script after I load all my tables that i need to make the csv's. I want to just run the filetime() part and then pass it to an object text.


Any ideas?



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Re: Load only one part of the script

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Re: Load only one part of the script

I can't use it. It says that I can only use it if  I use a load / select statement afterwards. I store the filetime values in variables...

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Re: Load only one part of the script

Could u pls share the code so we could review and try to find the solution