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Load script from access point

Hello everybody,

somehow I couldn't find the answer to the following question:

Is it possible to load a script from access point?

Ive prepares a button which triggers the loading action and it is working when I directly start it from the server.

But when Im using ie and open the document from accesspoint, then the script is not loading.

Would appriciate your help

Thanks in advance


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Re: Load script from access point

On the Access Point, the server reload schedule controls the reloading of data . Reloading is not a user action.

You need to schedule the reload on the QMC, this could be once a day, once a month or several times a day / hour.

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Re: Load script from access point

Could you please explain a bit more about your exact requirement? Would you like run the load script behind the same application and refresh the data ????   Additional please read  below link

Is possible make macros that run server-side? | QlikView Help, Tips & Hints

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Re: Load script from access point

The only way I can think of to do this via the access point, is to create a task in the QMC and have the trigger be an external event.

You can then write a macro in your document which executes an EDX trigger and starts the scheduled task running,

just need a button with an action to call the macro then.

Have a look at this maybe for more details


Hope that helps