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Loading Data

I am loading monthly data into a document and it keeps returning.

Cannot open file 'S:\Management Information Team\Cross Division Reporting\Monthly Reports\2015\11-November\00 Data Files\MI1511_100D_ADT_LDM_Due_*.csv' The system cannot find the file specified.

I have checked the path and the actual file name both of which are correct.

Any ideas

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Re: Loading Data

It's hard to debug this remotely with the information provided.

Have you tried opening the file using the table wizard? If this works, how does the FROM .. part look in this case?


Re: Loading Data

Are you doing this from your desktop ?  If so, can you open the S:\ drive location without issues. If its a server reload, you will need to ensure the service account has access too.

I would suggest copying the file locally , change the reference and retry.

If it still fails, try an exact file name without wild cards.

Post any errors, results.

Re: Loading Data

If this is a server reload, the QlikView services run in session 0 and cannot access mapped drives. Can you change the path to use a UNC path

i.e. change X:\....  to  \\server_name\share_name\....

Also the QV service account will need permissions to the data files & folder.

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