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Loading a long field to a qvd from oracle


I need to load a table that has a long field from oracle.

In the database, I can set the long dimension prior to the select.

Is there a way to load the data in qlik using only the select statement??


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Re: Loading a long field to a qvd from oracle


Typically, whatever query works in database, can be used in QV script.

I had some problems with the long fields, although it wasn't Oracle.  Used this:




NotesPart1 & NotesPart2 & NotesPart3 & NotesPart4 as FullNotes,





substring(LONGNOTES,1, 8000) as NotesPart1,

substring(LONGNOTES,8001, 16000) as NotesPart2,

substring(LONGNOTES,16001, 24000) as NotesPart3,

substring(LONGNOTES,24001, 32000) as NotesPart4,


FROM Database.Table;

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Re: Loading a long field to a qvd from oracle

I'm not sure what's exactly your problem, but you can convert LONG to CLOB using TO_LOB(). Once column is a CLOB you can do virtually everthing you may need using dbms_lob package


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Re: Loading a long field to a qvd from oracle

Thanks Michael for the suggestion,  that worked for me, although it does have a fixed limit depending on how many chunks we query for that we will have to be aware of.

I had the problem of trying to query a table where one of the fields was a CLOB containing around 5000 characters of text defining a long list of properties. When loaded into Qlikview this large field was being truncated and I only had the fist 4k  (4096) chars of text in the Qlikview field and many of the properties were not being loaded.

Thanks Dave.