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Loading fields with content '*' wildcard

Good afternoon,

I have a csv file with columns

Role, OrgUnit, Value


ControllerGlobal, CompanyCode, *

ControllerUS, CompanyCode, 2000

After loading , the Value column is empty. Apparently Qlik is not just interpreting the Value column '* ' as text. How can I go about this w/o manipulating the input file in Excel?


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Re: Loading fields with content '*' wildcard

Qlikview determines the column type and format from the first rows it loads for that field. QV presumably sees the Value column as numeric, and the failed numeric conversion of * will return a null. What do you want to do with it?

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Re: Loading fields with content '*' wildcard

It would be great to keep it as text with value '*', but anything else (say map it to 'not restricted' or 'all values' will do. I tried

   text(Value) as Value1

but it doesn´t change anything.

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