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Loading specific strings from Table using WHERE INDEX

Dear Qlik Community!

I need your help once more, please! I have a big file where i'm storing thousands of tweets that are categorized by groups, brands, etc.

How could I load data into my Qlik Model that only considers certain categories? Would it have to be with an index function?

I'm trying

load * from 'C:\qlikview\Redes Sociales\CanastaTwitter\TwitterSearchTerms*.qvd' (qvd)

where index(Grouping(),'Retail')=1;

And it doesnt work. It just stops at that part of the script.

Any ideas? I need to extract all the accounts that are associated to that Grouping (Which is the name of the column) from a single file.


2 Replies
Master II
Master II

where index(Grouping,'Retail')>0;


Hi Roberto,

                         Change your Where clause to:

Where WildMatch(Grouping, '*Retail*');

Good Luck