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Loading textfile into field?


Is it possible to load a complete textfile into a field? I have a folder with textfiles (unstructured data) and would like to load each textfile into a field, not line by line, but the full textfile, from start to end of file. Is there any limitation on how long a string in a field can be? Some of the textfiles is several megabytes in size.

Grateful for any input!



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Re: Loading textfile into field?

It is not reccomanded, performances decrease, use a text box instead and fill it only when user select one row.

In these cases the best is to use "Direct Discovery" ... look for it

Hope this helps

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Re: Loading textfile into field?

The real question here is, why should you want to do this?? If it is a simple matter of being able to look at the text file, simply host the files somewhere and include a link in QlikView which will open/download the file. Should you want to interact with the contents, e.g. search the text, there seems no reason not to load line by line.

Also instead of lines of text, consider splitting it even further up by word. The following is some load script I use to create a word cloud.



LOAD @1:8T as ID,

@1:8T&@13:17 as QID,

if(@13:17='Question 1',@20:n) as Question_1

FROM Data.txt(ansi, fix, no labels, header is 0, record is line);


LOAD QID, mapsubstring('TextMap',subfield(capitalize(keepchar(upper(Verbatim),'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ')),' ')) as Word





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Re: Loading textfile into field?

I have a similar problem.  Why am I loading text data from SQL into Qlik Sense?

Because I am trying to incorporate help text on a separate Qlik Sense Sheet for new users to understand and consume the information in the dashboards. 
These are mostly new individuals to our organization.

Other than entering a limited text to each sheet, is there any way to provide context sensitive help to a Qlik Sense Application or Sheet?

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Re: Loading textfile into field?

Hi Sylvia,

I am looking for a similar requirement in Qlik Sense, where the contents of a text file need to be shown in the text box in front end and this content is updated regularly so the process should be as dynamic as possible.

Did you find a solution to this?



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