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New Contributor III

Locking selections of one sheet


I have prepared a qlikview report with different sheets and ac sheet has a multibox with different selections but same variables (e.g "Headcount type" variable is common in 2 sheets but in one sheet the Headcountype selection is "Active" while in other sheet, it is "Terminations"). So, what is happening here is when i select "Active" in one sheet, the selection changes in other sheet too. How can i keep my selections specific to the sheet.

I am a qlik rookie and any help will be highly appreciated..Thanks in advance !

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Re: Locking selections of one sheet


One way I think of is you use the OnActive Triggers available on sheet.

Using this trigger you can create an action which will select and deselect the appropriate value of the field.


Kaushik Solanki

Valued Contributor II

Re: Locking selections of one sheet


You can use alternate state in order to get differents user selection between sheets.


New Contributor III

Re: Locking selections of one sheet

Well Thank you guys! What i did is, i wrote the selections in my expression itself to avaoid any dilution

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