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Logfile Archiving

Hi. QlikView script logfiles are always stored in the same folder as the QVW. There is an idea / product request on here to allow this to be configured. In the meantime, does anyone have any archiving utility script that they could share here that satisfies the following requirements ?

  • Command line execution - so a windows ( 2008 ) task can execute it
  • Zip up all *.log files in a designated source folder and write the compressed file to another location e.g. LogArchive folder
  • The compressed file needs to have date and time in the name e.g. "Logs20140211235959.zip"
  • NO third party utility software allowed i.e. must be based on standard zip.exe or DOS shell



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Re: Logfile Archiving


You know where the log is, and in which root is creating, what you have to do is create a shell command that do all things you need.

all of your points could be possible do with cmd command in a shell

good luck!

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Re: Logfile Archiving

Hi Andrew, Create a batch file to copy the files from qvw folders to desired location. After copy zip the folder with batch commands.

You can call this batch file periodically to move the log files into other drive.