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Loop inline table


I have a script which sends by email a report to several users, I don't wnat to put the list of users hardcoded in the script. For that reason I've created an inline table with the users email.

The main problem is I don't how to loop through the inline table in the visual basic script code.

Can anyone give me some examples? Or does anyone know other way to avoid to put the user mail list in the code?


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Re: Loop inline table


What I will look to do is store the inline table into QVD then drop the inline table. Meaning I can then loop through the table from QVD file.

You can then use

For i = 0 TO NoOfRows('TableName') -1

     Actions you want here

Next i

Hope this helps

Actaully you can Loop through your data island as well you don't have to store it as QVD.

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Re: Loop inline table

Thanks for the answer, I'm going to try your suggestion.


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