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Looping in script

Hi People,

I'm tring to loop in the script and i'm founding a few erros.


Load ID

From (...);

// ID is a filed name with ID codes

Them i want to:

for i=1 to noOfRows('tab1')

               Let a=fieldvalue(ID,i);

Load A

from (..... $(a).xlsx) ;

I'm having problems with this so a also tried to numerate the xlsx files from 1 to 10 and

for i=1 to 10

Load A

from (...$(i).xlsx) ;

and didnt work as well.

Can someone help?



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Looping in script

Hello Eliano,

Well, what you tried is clear but what you want is not. can you explain with an exmple what you want?

Regards,  tresesco

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Re: Looping in script

Hello Eliano,

The basic syntax that you need to use is:

FOR i = 1 to NoOfRows('tab1')

LET a = fieldvalue('ID', $(i)) ;



In both of your examples you dont have the NEXT statement. Also remember that you need to use the dollar expansion around your variable.

Hope this helps.

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Looping in script

Sorry about the delay.

The problem, as you mencioned was with the next operator.

Many thanks for both of you.