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Macro for selecting data range is not working

Hi All,

I have the following issue:

Im trying to select only the last 30 days in a Macro Sub.

I 2 Have qlikview Variables:

1. "vMaxDate" gets the max date we have in the system

2. "vMinDay30" gets the max date -30.

So I would like to select everything in between.

my Sub is:

sub select30days

ActiveDocument.ClearAll false

First= ActiveDocument.Variables("vMinDay30").GetContent.String

Last= ActiveDocument.Variables("vMaxDate").GetContent.String

mySelect= ">" & First & "<" & Last

ActiveDocument.Fields("DateOnly").Select mySelect

end sub

but even after I test it, it does not select a thing.

Any advice?

thank you


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please can you share your qvw?

I replicated with an own example and the macro works fine.



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Works for me. Check that the date format is correct. You can add some msgbox statements to check the values of the variables.

Anyway.... why use a macro at all? The Clear All and Select in Field actions work just as well and will also work work correctly in the ajax client.

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Hi, you don't need a Macro for this requirement. Just create a Button or text object and create Action with "Select in Field" option

Field: Date Expression:  ='>=$(=Max(Date)-30)'

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dathu.gv ... I created a button and pasted in exactly what you recommended and it does not work:

Select in Field

Field: Date (yes my system has a "Date" field)

Search String: ='>=$(=Max(Date)-30)'

Macro works fine



dathu is correct; a button and Select in Field will work.

Always format your dates, in qlikview.

Field name: [Rpt Date]

value field: = max(date([Rpt Date],'MM/DD/YYYY'))