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Macro only works the first time?

I have a macro that is only working the first time it is executed with a button.  It also works when I push the test button from the Edit Module box.  This is getting a bit frustrating. Any thoughts???

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Here's the code but I don't think its the problem.


Sub RestoreMainCharts()

' Temporarily turn off the AutoMinimize so that we can
' put 2 charts on the front panel without them auto-minimizing
' themselves.
SetAutoMinimize "CH74", false
SetAutoMinimize "CH75", false


SetAutoMinimize "CH74", true
SetAutoMinimize "CH75", true

' Minimize all the chart objects.

End Sub

Sub SetAutoMinimize(chart, state)
rem ** Set auto-minimize flag for a chart **
set g = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(chart)
set gp = g.GetProperties
gp.GraphLayout.Frame.AutoMinimize = state
g.SetProperties gp

End sub


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Macro only works the first time?

So it appears to be something with the button.  I deleted all the other actions except Run Macro and it Works.  I think I just need to inclued the code for the other actions.

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