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Macro to export a .csv and zip it


I have very little knowledge on vb script. I am using the below vb script to export a sheet object to a .csv file.

sub Export

Dim docProp

set docProp = ActiveDocument.GetProperties

Dim tmpFile  'used to create relative filepaths

tmpFile = docProp.MyWorkingDirectory

Dim vSpl  'location of final backslash char

vSpl = InStrRev(tmpFile,"\")

tmpFile = Left(tmpFile,vSpl-1)

vSpl = InStrRev(tmpFile,"\")

tmpFile = Left(tmpFile,vSpl) & "External Data Sources\OperationalReportsOutput\BankruptcyRptSpreadsheet_" & DatePart("YYYY", Now()) & right( "0" & DatePart("m", Now()) ,2) & right( "0" & DatePart("d", Now()) ,2) & ".csv"    

set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH02")

obj.ExportBiff tmpFile

But, the file forming is more than 25mb and it was not getting attached to the mail and am unable to send the email. So, i need the script to create a zip folder and compress the file. How can i do it. Please help me with your suggestion.

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Re: Macro to export a .csv and zip it

Hi Vamshi,

Sorry the ingles bad.

I don't know with macro, but with script I suggest.

STORE Sample into c:\Temp\Malling.csv (txt, delimiter is ';');

EXECUTE cmd.exe /C c:\WinRAR.exe a -afzip -df c:\Temp\Sample.zip c:\Temp\Malling.csv;

EXECUTE cmd.exe /C del /f/q c:\Temp\Malling.csv;


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