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Mapping Load a Record name

Hello All,

I am new to qlik, trying a walkaround on the qlik scripting.I am trying to map few records by using Mapping load and apply map from excel file.

Product NameProduct new Name
cement,ABCement Asbestors,AB


All records from Product name field got mapped by Product new Name but only one record as mentioned in above table didn't mapped .

Tried in providing "cement,AB" , "Cement Asbestors,AB" at excel source. the only record is not mapped and displayed at Table box.

Please suggest any way to resolve this at Mapping load table.

Thanks in advance,Triveni

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Re: Mapping Load a Record name

Hi Triveni,
Could you please post your code snippet and sample data so that we can look where exactly is the issue.

Re: Mapping Load a Record name

Remember QlikView is case sensitive, so "cement,AB" is a different product to "Cement,AB".

Can you post your applymap statement?