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Mapping $Orphan

Actually that's the only official solution.

QV says you can never make a mapping load form a qvd. The work-around is to do as Aloah suggests or an undocumented solution as Jonas suggests.

I always err on the side of caution & chose to load mapping from a resident table and never from a qvd directly.


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Mapping $Orphan

That's fine but there is nothing that I can find in their documentation that tells you not to use MAPPING / APPLYMAP from a QVD. Would certainly have saved me a lot of headaches / time!Surprise

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Mapping $Orphan

Thanks a lot the WHERE 1=1 was the right solution for me! But agree, nothing in the help...

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Mapping $Orphan

Actually it is clearly given in the complete refrence manual. I noticed it only after reading this post. I cracked my head for 3 days to solve the problem Sad

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Mapping $Orphan

I am also glad I found this as it was causing me grief.

Agree that QlikView Help contents could more closely match the pdf version of the reference manual.

But I just did a search and it is present in the pdf:

page 319 of v9   reference manual

page 327 of v10 reference manual


Note Mapping load does not support the use of QVD files as input source. The

QVD must first be loaded to a table and then a mapping load can be made

from this table.

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