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Minute value trending


In my dashboard I want to see a value trending in time.

Each minute we get a value out of the building management system.

For each sensor, in total 40 sensors, there is a text file with two parameters: Date and value


Date; Value

08-01-2015 15:06:00; 33

08-01-2015 15:07:00; 35

08-01-2015 15:08:00; 38

In the script the text file are combine together by the date.

For 1 month we have about 45.000 rows and 40 columns.

The problem is that the file is very slow and I thinks its due the script.

The file is attach.

Can you help me to make the file faster?


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Re: Minute value trending

Hello Marcus,


I understand the principal but I can't get it in the script.

I tried the first one (the importance of being distinct) but it doesn't work.

Can someone pls help me to write the script in the attach file.