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Modifying the .xml files in -prj folder with PowerShell script


I've been trying to build a PowerShell script that I could use to modify the documents through the .xml files to apply changes to several documents easily without the need to open them in the desktop client. The problem I have is that for some reason after doing a simple find & replace, something seems to go wrong and the QlikView file refuses to open. Has anyone done a similar thing? Is there some kind of trick I'm missing?


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Re: Modifying the .xml files in -prj folder with PowerShell script

To clarify, it is not the changes that cause the document to not open. Just opening and saving the .xml in PowerShell without even making any changes, somehow changes it still in a way that QlikView does not open the document. I am able to open and edit the .xml files with a text editor freely and don't encounter any issues, it's just that when I use PowerShell to do it, it breaks down.