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Month - Year Issue

Hi, I am trying to count various values which have a date range in the current month and the following month. I have created 2 variables to use in these calcs and all works fine. However as soon as the current month is Dec(2015) the following month Jan(2016) calcs break. It seems to count Jan from all years. I am quite new to this so I need Jan to count only values in 2016. Any ideas?

Variables used :

LET vCurrentMonth = Month(Today());
LET vNextMonth = Month(AddMonths(Date(Today()),1));

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Re: Month - Year Issue

Try these:

LET vCurrentMonth = MonthName(Today());
LET vNextMonth = MonthName(AddMonths(Today
(), 1));

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Re: Month - Year Issue

Hi Sunny,

No results are brought in using MonthName.

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