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usually monthname will get you 'MMM YYYY', how can it be done if we want the format to be MMM-YY?


monthname ( '2001-10-19' ) returns 'Oct 2001' - by default

how to get

'Oct-01' instead of 'Oct 2001'.

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Re: Monthname

Try this:

=Date(monthname ( '2001-10-19' ),'MMM YY')

Otherwise you can try

=Date('2001-10-19' ,'MMM YY')

Valued Contributor

Re: Monthname

Hi, Go to properties - Tab Number (Format) - Date (Yo can change the format date in this option)

Hope Help you!

Re: Monthname


Try like this

=Date(monthname ( '2001-10-19' ),'MMM YYYY')

returns oct 2001

hope it helps