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More than one field in multi box

Hi Guys,

I'm currently running some bar graphs on a sheet which have their data run off of one table within my script.

I'm now adding some more bar graphs where the 2nd set of graphs have their data run off of another table.

The 1st set of graphs uses a multi box (Servicer) to select specific data from within my 1st set of data.  The 2nd set of graphs also have the servicer details scripted under Servicer2.

I want my current multi box to incorporate the Servicer2 data for the 2nd bar graphs.

Instead of simply adding both Servicer and Servicer2 in the 'Fields Displayed in Multibox', is it possible to write an expression which lists all selections in the one drop-down?

There are many common entries within both tables under Servicer and Servicer2, however it is not possible to join the tables without duplicating the numbers.


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: More than one field in multi box

No, what you want is not possible. The values from two fields cannot be combined in one list that can be used to make selections in. You would have to create a new field in the script for that. But perhaps it's possible to concatenate the two tables so you have only one table. Can you post the document you're working on? See this document for how to create a small and non-confidential example document: Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

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