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Multiple Loading Scripts?


I have 2 sheets and each sheet requires a different data load script.

So how can I have multiple load scripts..... without reloading every sheets data?  In other words - if I'm in sheet1 & I want to reload the data related to sheet1 (& not do a reload for sheet2)?

For example:


LOAD [@1:n] as 'Text'


(fix, utf8, no labels);


LOAD [@1:n] as 'Text'


(fix, utf8, no labels);

So with this basic example, if I did a reload..... it's reload both?

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Re: Multiple Loading Scripts?

Maybe use a trigger on activation of your sheets and set a variable.

Then use this variable when reloading to switch to your correct LOAD statement.

Re: Multiple Loading Scripts?

Won't the tables that you don't load be dropped from the data model? IMHO this is not too simple...


Re: Multiple Loading Scripts?

Yes, it would, unless you are using partial reload.

I haven't read the OP's request as to keep all the data in the other sheet, though.

Well, basically I don't really know what exactely the OP wants to do.

Re: Multiple Loading Scripts?

You typically will load all data every time. And then limit the data shown on each sheet by using user selections or Set Analysis.




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Re: Multiple Loading Scripts?


you can adapt this script.

Using variable you can make conditional soime part of the script


// Start loading script data that needs to be load always

     // replace with first load statements


// check to identify if full reload is needed

// a full reload is needed 1 time a day

if today() > date(ReloadLastFull) or ReloadFullForce='Yes' then

        set ReloadType='Full';


    set ReloadType='Partial';

    set ReloadLast='Partial';   

    // set the last partial reload

    let ReloadLastPartial = LocalTime();

    // exit point in case full reload is not neeeded

    exit script when ReloadType='Partial'


// data that should be load only 1 time a day

// replace with second load statements

// set the variable to show how was the last reload

set ReloadLast='Full';

set ReloadFullForce='No';

// set the variable to show when was the last full load

let ReloadLastFull = Localtime();

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