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Need help developing a QlikView connector based on the SDK


I am trying to develop a clickview connector to get data from an application server into Qlikview. This application server communicates by providing datasets. As a proof of concept I have build a connectort (in a C# VST2010 solution) that opens an XML with an embedded schema, reads the schema and provides the tables/fields qlikview in order for the user to select them and build a script. The script will then load the contents of the file and provide the data to Qlikview.

Unfortunalty it does not work. When I write te script by hand (not using the "select wizzard") it is possible to import the data. But when I use the same "flow" as with a odbc connection I get all kinds of errors. Would somebody be willing to have look at my solution and point out the problem(s) (I have no expericens with qlikview and/or qlikview connectors so the might be quite obvious).

Thank you very much in advance.


Rob de Bruin

Bertus Distributie B.V.

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