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Need help reading this statement...

Need help reading this statement which was taken from the Text Object Properties  (General Tab) for a given object. What is displayed is a percentage number.

=num(count({$< DLP_Status={"Compliant"}>}DLP_User)/((count(DLP_User))-count({$< Authhost={"Server"}>}DLP_User)),'#,##0.00%')

  • DLP_Status has values "Compliant" and "Non-compliant"
  • DLP_User is the username
  • Authhost has values "Server" or <null>. Currently this number is 0 (zero).


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Re: Need help reading this statement...

Deciphering the expression:
count({$< DLP_Status={"Compliant"} >}DLP_User) // the number of DLP_User with DLP_Status=Compliant
/ //divided by
(count(DLP_User)) // no of DLP_User
count({$< Authhost={"Server"}>}DLP_User)) //no of DLP_User with Authhost= Server

The expression:
[No of DLP_User with Compliant DLP_Status] / [No of all DLP_User except those with Server as Authhost]

Presented as a two decimal percentage with comma as thousand separator.
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