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New field query


I am working with a product hierarchy in my data (e.g. Category, Sub Category and Segments) and I am wanting to create a new field in the script where I select 1 or 2 of each of the levels and put those in a new field. For example if Beverages is in the Category level I want to select that, and then Cold Beverages and Hot Beverages from the Sub Category level and then Tea, Coffee, CSDs and Fruit Juices from the Segment level, to create a new field that has all those options in it. I want to be able to use the new field in a chart so that the user does not need to use a cyclic group to view the data. They will be able to see how the segments are performing in comparison to the category in the same single view of the chart. Is this possible to do in Qlikview? And if so how do I achieve this?


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New field query

Could you give a example, data sample?

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