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Null fields and or empty string and or ...


When I pull data and I have a field and the field appears to be either Null, an empty string, or it has a few spaces in it, and when I use the script,

Where not IsNull([Field Name]) and Len(trim([Field Name])) >0 and it still does not delete those empty lines, what should I do to get rid of them?

Q2:  Then just by chance I did this with a resident load, trim([Field Name]) as [Field Name] and it deleted all the lines where Field Name was empty.  I did not have any code after that. How did this get rid of empty rows when I only told it to trim them, not delte them?  Maybe I am not understanding the use of trim or?  Any who, please answer both Q's so I can figure this out.  Many Thanks, Sean

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Null fields and or empty string and or ...

WHERE LEN(TRIM([Field Name])) should do the selection.

Think that you need to specify the use of the NOT:

WHERE NOT(ISNULL([Field Name])) AND ....

should then work.