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ODBC connection to Progress db


We are attempting to read data from a Progress database using 'DataDirect 4.30 32-BIT OpenEdge SQL v10.0B' driver.

Initially we got some rows to load (8k from a possible 32+K, Excel loads 32k fine), we limited this to a single column and still only 8k from a possible 32k loaded.

Now we have another error "Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 4294757280, ErrorMsg: [DataDirect][ODBC OPENEDGE driver][OPENEDGE]Lock table is full. (7870)"

Can anyone provide any information on connecting and retrieving data from a progress database?


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Re: ODBC connection to Progress db

after further testing we have found that some tables will read and others will not..

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Re: ODBC connection to Progress db

Hi, richardconey

I'm not sure if this is your problem but many people have problems with field lenghts in progress.

There are some details here http://community.qlik.com/message/205020#205020

Basically, in the table definition there is a lenght of your fields but this lenghts don't need to be respected by the database, i.e. if your field is 30 characters long, it is possible to write a 50-char string.

The drivers cannot work properly under these conditions and you receive erros or only part of the tables.

There is a progress tool ( dbtools) to fix this problem.

Again, you might find more info in the link

Hope this helps,


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Re: ODBC connection to Progress db

thanks but I do not believe this is a field length issue as I get limited results returned when I select 1 field from the table. Excel loads the records fine

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Re: ODBC connection to Progress db

It is most likely your ODBC connection. If you google on the last part of your error "Lock table is full 7870" you will come across this article:

ODBC error - "LOCK TABLE IS FULL 7870"???! | ProgressTalk.com

...which educates on ODBC Default Isolation Levels. Your's is probably set to READ COMMITTED and you need it to be READ  UNCOMMITTED.

-- stocker

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