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ODBC connection with different user

Hi all,

hope someone can help me on this topic.

I have a windows 7 server and created a ODBC connection to a sql-server.

For the login into Windws we have to use a different user than for using the ODBC connection. The windows user has no rights to connect to the sql-server.

therefore I have to use a different user for the ODBC connection.

Is it possible to integrate a user in the Qlikview ODBC connection ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards


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Re: ODBC connection with different user

Hi Markus,

QlikView calls Windows when you click on the Connect or Select button and ODBC is selected, so it all depends on how you OS is configured. If you set up any DSN, you can specify the username and password within the DSN, so the users don't need to know them. But if you mean you are connecting to a MS SQL Server using integrated Windows Authentication, in the ODBC Wizard you cannot set which user you want to use, so credentials used are those from the user actually logging on to the computer.

Hope that helps.


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