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OLEDB Error-Can't figure out

Hello, I'm using the following SQL expression and getting an OLEDB error returned that I cannot figure out. If I remove the lines that I've highlighted, of course I don't get my full data set, but it does return without error. Any suggestions?

PS this script does work in DatabaseBrowser.

select bsc.id,



cast(datediff(day, bsc.entrydate, salesdate) / 10 as int) as daycount,


cl.name as clname,





bsc.name as customer,




CAST(LEFT(length,2)AS int) as lengthft,

(cast(datediff(day, bsc.entrydate, salesdate) / 10 as int) * CAST(LEFT(length,2)AS int)) as points

from bsc

left outer join bsc_commissions

on bsc.id = bsc_commissions.bsc_id

left outer join cl

on bsc_commissions.commissionedsalesperson = cl.cl_id

left outer join store_info

on cl.bmtdefaultloc = store_info.store_id

left outer join bsc_boats

on bsc.id = bsc_boats.bsc_id

left outer join bmi

on bsc_boats.boatmodelid = bmi.id

where writtendate >= '01/01/2016'

and commissionedsalesperson is not null

and cl.name is not null

and bsc.status = 'o'

and splitpercentage >= '0.5'

order by commissionedsalesperson asc;

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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out

Scratch all this...somebody sold a boat that was 9 feet long...that meant my code trimmed it to 9' (including the " ' ")

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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out


Every time, you are using with bsc extension like bsc.id. But, your table name is bsc only..

Try to use Alias name....

Update: Please post me with error..

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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out

try to assign table alias to field

CAST(LEFT(bsc.length,2)AS int) as lengthft,

give alias of the table from which field is coming

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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out

Thank you, but the problem actually was because I was left trimming to two characters, and somebody sold a 9 foot boat. So, the data pulled in as 9' and with the " ' " it caused an error. I still haven't been able to figure out how to separate feet and inches when the data is stored as 10'11 (ten feet eleven inches.)

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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out


Can you please elaborate more.

If possible, Please tag the error message...

Life is so rich, and we need to respect to the life !!!
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Re: OLEDB Error-Can't figure out

Yes, this stemmed from a previous issue. Our data is stored as text in SQL in the format "ft'in" so that ten feet, five inches would be 10'5

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a good way to separate the feet and inches, so I figured a trim function would work, hence the CAST(LEFT....

What that resulted in was that SQL would select just the first two characters, and that was fine until somebody sold a 9' boat. Then the the " ' " got included in the selected data.

So ultimately what I'm looking for is a good way to select everything before the " ' " and then select everything after the " ' " so that I get the result of feet and inches being separate.