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One or more loops have been detected in your database structure


I am getting loops in my data model (see below) that I'm not sure why.  The model seems straight forward in that I have two header tables linked together and their corresponding detail tables linked together as well.   I'm getting the loop in the detail tables (see attached screen shot of table viewer).  I think the issue is that the detail tables are linking to a single Item table where each detail table is "competing" in getting the item record.  If this is the case, I'm not sure how to resolve it. 

I would appreciate any assistance resolving the loop issue.

Thank you very much in advance.  

Error Message:

"One or more loops have been detected in your database structure. Loops may cause ambiguous results and should therefore be avoided. QlikView will cut the loop(s) by setting one or more tables as loosely coupled. Settings for loosely coupled tables can be modified after script execution in the tables page of the document properties dialog."

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Re: One or more loops have been detected in your database structure

Rename the field %ItemKey in the TraceDetailSales in the LOAD you can use LOAD %ItemKey as NewKeyAnyname,

The TraceHeaderSalesFinal  is linked to the fact table and has the TraceDetailSales as a detailed view, so you can always get to the details thru the header and avoid linking the details with other tables.

at least that will break that loop.

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